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An Urgent Worldwide Issue

Today, over 322 million tons of toxic chemicals are used in the European Union alone. Globally, nearly 13 tons of hazardous chemicals are produced every second. Hazardous wastes cause substantial harm to our health and environment. 12 million people die yearly from diseases caused by pollution, chemical exposures, climate change and ultraviolet radiation from human activity. 250 billion tons of synthetic chemicals are produced every year. In one generation, production of man-made chemicals increased 40,000% from 1 million to 400 million tons. People worldwide carry an average of 700 chemical contaminants in their bodies due to this.

The European Commission…

Go ahead and “try this at home”

Susie takes a Thai dance break in lieu of coffee, Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

You know me. Always looking on the bright side! Well, today I have some serious sunshine to share with you while you’re cooped up at home, yet still punching the clock.

Yes, you are now living The Dream. And to prove it, here are 7 awesome things you may now revel in, that you could never hope to indulge in at the office:

  1. Work in your pajamas, sweats, underwear, Snuggie or even a la nude like some chic, bohemian life-drawing model without a care in the world. Just remember if your team…

image by Banksy

Where were you when they outlawed Love?
When they passed that edict from above?
Were you in the streets with your fists thrown high ~

With your heart in hand, a tear in your eye?

Where were you when the men in blue,
Joined the boys in green,
In their war machines?

With their raised batons and their guns all drawn,
To crush human bonds,
At the break of dawn?

Would you cross that line —
Would you brave their brute?

Would you flout their dire decree?

Would you dare opine?
And would you stay mute —

When they…

“Matahari” in repose, photo by the author

Image by Ioannis Ioannidis from Pixabay

The softness of silence in the whisper of wishing,
Slain in the silver sliver of the moon,
Shook by a shiver in a swoon…

The falling inside ~
The calling, the tide,
The mystical power of the moon…

A breath held in space ~
A velvet embrace,
The sway and the sigh and the swoon…

The soul-soaring skies on the wave of a wing,
Ripple-sweet cries, harmonize and attune
To sing in a lingering swoon…

The falling inside ~
The calling, the tide,
The mystical power of the moon…

A breath held in space ~
A velvet embrace,
The sway…

Image by Corinne Noca from Pixabay

I’m just a virtual virgin with a pregnant pause,
A terrifying tigress, gams sans claws ~
A venomous vampire with a glint of gentle jaws
Homer’s heralded heroine, with epic, tragic flaws…

True, I’ve taken inches, when I would’ve loved a mile
Settled for a smirk, when still I’d sought a smile ~

Somewhere there’s someone who’s tall enough
Someday the sky won’t tumble at my touch
Where is the stiff who’s got the stuff?
When comes the shift, when you care a bit too much? …

They wore masks. Just like the rest of us.

“ Nobody moves; no one gets hurt,” one of them said.

Another brandished his weapon — something foreign, hard to make out — and shouted it loudly into the air. A warning to us all.

Before the shot rang out, another waved his weapon — a more familiar model, domestic — and shouted the same command across the room. Soon it was a cacophony of shrieking echoes bouncing off each other.

Confusion filled the airways. Screens everywhere blazed in hyperbolic blood.

Most of us froze. Some of us ducked and covered our ears.

“ Nobody moves; no one gets hurt”

Song for a Broken World…

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

You decide to take the scenic route,
When emptiness fills you with doubt…
A pamphlet on the pavement shouts, “The end is near, there’s no way out”
When every angel’s left your bed,
And now there’s demons there instead,
Those tender traces in your head, inside you just feel dead~

Save yourself. Call me tonight
I’ll be the one to set things right
Save yourself, call me tonight
I’ll give you back your sight
Save yourself, call me tonight
Hey, I will be your light~

Mere flesh and blood need love and care
Sometimes even Angels err
Just pick up your…

A woman effortlessly leaping over potentially billions of airborne viruses by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Cutting Edge Supplements and Foods for Staying Healthy & Happy despite the COVID-19 Threat

So much information out there; so little time. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of the most powerful anti-viral hacks. This is the BEST of the best. I have personally used all of these, so I give direct links to those on Amazon. I read revues, check for potency, standardization, and yes look for the best prices — so you don't have to.

From home remedies to traditional herbal immune strengtheners to anti-viral foods. Some of these you already have in your cupboard, fridge or backyard. Others are more exotic. …

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